This treatise is an interactive, multimedia taxonomic reference guide of dinoflagellate microalgae which contains species information and identification keys in the form of text, photographs, and illustrations. Harmful Marine Dinoflagellates represents a comprehensive, up-to-date multifunctional dinoflagellate identification database featuring information on 69 species of harmful marine dinoflagellates and associated species present in the worlds' oceans.

Included in this database are 44 toxin-producing species (e.g. brevetoxins, saxitoxins and ciguatoxins), and seven nuisance species that produce red tides which often result in massive sea life mortalities. In addition to species description, information is available on the morphology, reproduction, ecology, toxicity, and habitat and locality for each species. A comprehensive glossary of more than 120 related scientific terms, and an extensive literature reference collection containing about 500 citations is included. There are nearly 600 figures illustrating every species via scanning electron micrographs (60%), light micrographs (20%), and/or line drawings (20%). The matrix-based identification key allows for multiple entry of characters to facilitate fast and effective diagnosis of a given species. All this data can be accessed easily via a CD-ROM, making this an excellent modern teaching tool for the study and identification of harmful dinoflagellates and associated species. Whether in the lab or the field, this identification guide is a useful and valuable tool for the researcher, the instructor, as well as the student.

Maria A. Faust
Rose A. Gulledge

© 2002 ETI & Smithsonian Institution

ISBN: 90-75000-21-9